2000 cc Oxygen Absorbers for 5-6 GalLon Mylar Bags 10 pk

Oxygen Absorbers for 5-6 Gal Pails - 2000 cc
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  • Item #: OAP2000/10
2000 cc Oxygen Absorbers - 10 pack
For 5-6 gallon Mylar bags of pasta, pet food, etc.

If you are storing food such as pasta, with a high residual air volume, you want to use this size oxygen absorber. Use one per 5 or 6 gallon bucket. These will also work fine for wheat, rice, oats, etc.

Unopened bags of oxygen absorbers have a 1 year shelf life from date of purchase.

Please Note: Oxygen absorbers need to be used in 1 hour or less after opening the bag. If you will not be able to use them in that amount of time, then keep out what you WILL be able to use and seal the rest back up in the bag they came in. You can use a vacuum sealer like a Food Saver or Seal A Meal to reseal the bag, or you can use your heat sealer or iron to make a seal as close to the oxygen absorber packets as possible (squishing as much air as possible out of the bag before sealing).
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