30) 300cc Oxy Absorbers for 1-Gal & 2-QT Mylar Bags, 3 10-Packs

300 cc Oxygen Absorbers for Gallon, Half Gallon and Quart Mylar Bags 30 in 10-Packs
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  • Item #: OAP300/3X10
300 cc Oxygen Absorbers - 3 individual 10-Packs = 30 total
For 1-Quart, 1/2-Gallon & 1-Gallon Mylar Bags NOW IN HANDY 10 PACKS!

Now you can get your 300cc oxygen absorbers in 3 individual 10-packs, so you never need to open more than 10 at a time! This is handy because oxygen absorbers need to be used within one hour of opening the package (and unopened packages have a one year shelf life).

Use one 300 cc oxygen absorber in a one gallon size Mylar bag. You can also use one in a 1/2 gallon or 1 quart Mylar bag. Yes, a 300 cc oxygen absorber is a bit of overkill in a one quart Mylar bag - you could use one or two of the 100cc oxygen absorbers. The thing is, the 100cc oxy absorbers come in a pack of 100, which have to be used in less than one hour or you need to seal them back up. With these 10-packs of 300cc oxygen absorbers, you only have to open 10 at a time.

What I like to do is label then fill 10 bags with my rice, oats, whatever I am putting up (all one gallon or a combination of 1-quart, half gallon and gallon sized bags). Once they are ready, I open a 10-pack of the 300cc oxy absorbers and drop on in each Mylar bag with food in it. Then I squish out what air I can (and zip closed the ones that are ziplock bags) and I'm ready to seal the edges of the Mylar bags.

Unopened bags of oxygen absorbers have a 1 year shelf life from date of purchase.
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