30 Day Duro LED Lantern, 700 Lumens, 3 D batteries

30 Day LED Lantern - Tabletop or hanging light, up to 700 lumens
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Super-bright LED lantern lasts an amazing 30 days!

  • Three D batteries (sold separately) provide up to 720 hrs (that's 30 days!) of use on low, 84 hrs on medium, 32 hrs on high and 360 hrs on SOS strobe
  • Three 1.4W Nichia LEDs output up to 700 lumens on high, 150 lumens on medium and 29 lumens on low
  • Remove the globe from the 30 Day Lantern for an even brighter light output
  • Built-in recessed hook in the base of the lantern lets you hang the lantern upside down to cast light down on a work area
This versatile lantern is a great choice for area lighting if your power goes out. It runs up to an incredible 30 days on low power. At high power, it cranks out 300 lumens of light to easily light up your card game or your kitchen in the even out a power outage. PLEASE NOTE: LANTERN MAY BE ORANGE OR SILVER/GRAY.

Unique design features a built-in hook on the base and a removable globe to allow the lantern to be hung as a downlight, as well as being used as a table lantern. Low, medium, high and flash modes provide lots of lighting options. Impact- and weather-resistant rubberized housing. Flashing green LED helps you find the lantern when it's off. Lantern powered by three D batteries, not included. Dimensions 9.5"H x 4.8"W.

For in the bedroom or bathroom or for ambient lighting that is plenty bright to see by, you'll want to get the super bright 6 Day Lantern (with 9 LED). I'd get one for each bedroom and for each bathroom that you'll use. The 6 day lantern has a nice carry handle on it, so if someone wakes up during the night when the power is out, they have their own safe bright light to get safely to another part of the house. This lantern is also excellent for car kits.
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