Aqua-Tainer 4 Gallon Water Container with Spigot

Aqua-Tainer 4 Gallon Water Container with Spigot
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4 Gallon Aqua-Tainer with Spigot

The Aqua-Tainer “big blue” is the most popular and trusted water container on the market. Made from rugged BPA-FREE materials it features an ergonomic handle and premium screw on vent cap. It is also stackable two high when filled.

Remember, you should change the water every 6 months OR you can use our Aerobic 07 Water Preserver, which will keep water good for up to 5 years without changing it.

This smaller Aqua-Tainer is a rugged little unit that features an ergonomic handle and premium screw on vent cap. The smaller size makes it easier to carry and store. It also features a hideaway spigot for safe storage. Also comes in a 7 gallon size and a 7 gallon size with a LifeGuard water filter.

This container comes with a hideaway spout for easy water dispensing and is stackable for compact storage.

As an add-on, you can get the LifeGuard Water Filter Spigot (SOLD SEPERATELY) that can remove contaminants such as bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. The ceramic filter can clean up to 200gal./750L of water before it needs to be replaced. And, when you don’t require the use of the filter it fits snuggle into the container and the standard hideaway spigot can be used. Get extra LifeGuard Filters (sold seperately) for your Emergency Water Supplies Kit.

Caution: Water filters do not always remove viruses from water. If you suspect that your drinking water may contain viruses, also use an EPA registered water disinfectant.

If this is for Emergency Preparedness, get one (or more) extra cap and spigot sets (sold seperately). They’re inexpensive and Oh So Handy to have should something happen.

Length: 11.25 Width: 11.00 Height: 10.75
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