Organic Garlic Minced – 1 lb

bulk organic spices minced garlic for your long term food storage system
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Organic Garlic Minced - 1 lb

Garlic. I put it in nearly everything except oatmeal. It makes rice and lentils better. It makes beans better. It improves the tastiness of soups and stews. And we have Organic Garlic in granules, minced, powder and garlic salt. And all for under $10 per pound. You can never have too much firewood or too much garlic.

Just think: beans boiled in water. Oh boy. Who wants seconds? (probably no one)

Then there are beans simmered with a handful of the dehydrated vegetable blend (which we sell) and a big ol’ spoonful of dehydrated minced garlic, some dehydrated chopped onion, a bit of salt (towards the end of the cooking period) and then a spice or two that you like the flavor of (maybe chili powder, maybe curry powder, and to make everyone wonder what the secret ingredient is, a shake or two of cinnamon). NOW we’re talking about something yummy to spoon over your rice!


You can use either the 1 quart (8.5” x 8.75”) or the 2 quart (8” x 12”) Mylar bag plus an oxygen absorber. Depending on the spice, you might need just one of the 1-quart bag, the 2-quart bag or several. The difference comes because garlic powder packs closely. And oregano or basil is super fluffy so it will take up a lot more space. And things like chopped dehydrated onion falls in between them. (And if you have a pound of oregano or bay leaves you could even use a 1-gallon size Mylar bag.) But the general rule is ½ lb to a lb max per Mylar bag so that you aren’t opening all the spice at once (think about it – do you eat a whole pound of cinnamon in a year? Most people don’t. So then you would want to pack the cinnamon in two ½-lb Mylar bags

You can use 2 of the 100 cc oxygen absorbers (but they come 100 to a package). What I do is get the 300 cc oxygen absorbers we sell that come in 10 packs (there are 5 of the 10 packs for a total of 50 300cc oxy absorbers). This way you are only opening 10 at a time.

And here’s another tip: the 2-quart 8” x 12” ziplock Mylar bags hold exactly 3 lbs of rice. So if you have some of the 1-quart 8.5” x 8.75” ziplock bags, you can put some spices in some of the 1-quart bags and then some rice in a few of the 2-quart size bags, then maybe some lentils in another few until you have 10 bags ready to seal. Then you can open one of your 10 packs of the 300cc oxy absorbers, drop one in each Mylar bag of food, then zip em closed, squishing out what air you can (but DON’T try to vacuum seal or remove all the air – you want some in there!). Once all 10 Mylar bags of food are zipped closed you are ready to seal the outer ½” of the Mylar bag. And Poofa! You have 10 bags of food ready for Long Term Storage! (I also store the organic dehydrated chopped onions and the organic dehydrated minced garlic – yum!)

NOTE: Are the 300cc oxygen absorbers overkill for the 1-quart Mylar bags? Yes they are. But look at it this way: you get a package of 100 of the 100cc oxy absorbers. You have to use them up within one hour or reseal them up. If you have a Seal A Meal or FoodSaver vacuum sealer then it’s easy: you get the 100cc oxy absorbers, open them up and then right away you reseal them in 10 packs with your vacuum sealer. But if you DON’T have one, and you store the extra oxygen absorbers in a small jar, how long are they good for? Can you tell? Will they be good in 2 weeks? (probably) in 6 months? Are you willing to take a chance on this precious food you are buying to potentially keep you from starving if everything crashes? It’s like, so what if you save $3 by getting the 100cc oxy absorbers. If you can’t reseal them up properly it’s all a crap shoot. So consider the 300cc oxy absorbers. You only get 50 but you are only opening 10 at a time and you are 100% certain that the other ones are 100% good for a year (or longer) because they have the pink dot in the package showing you they are at 100% effectiveness. Your call.
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