Petzl TacTikka Plus

Petzl TacTikka Plus
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Petzl TacTikka Plus
3 light levels plus red flip down lens for night ops.

The TacTikka Plus is a tactical version of the popular TikkaPlus headlamp. Uses 4 LED's and push button technology, tiltable housing, 3 brightness settings and current regulation for when battery power runs down. Also features a red flip down lens for night vision. 3 AAA batteries included, for up to 150 hours of burn time. Color: Black body, black band.

Just a note - I've used the Petzl headlamps for nearly 20 years now. I couldn't imagine NOT having one at hand all the time. Whether it is going out for wood for the woodstove, taking out the trash, making it in from the car after dark (out in the country it gets VERY dark out), I have my trusty Petzl. There are a lot of headlamps out there, but once you use a really good one, you'll never be happy with the rest.

So that was my plug for having a headlamp in 'regular' times. But how about during a power outage or emergency? You have to go around and turn off gas lines, maybe water lines, dig out the candles and lanterns, change a baby's diapers. With what? a flashlight clenched in your teeth? You want to be able to pop on your Petzl and see the entire area well lit. And you will if you have a Petzl.
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