Wiggys Sleeping Bags

The difference that truly sets the Wiggy’s Bags apart from the rest of the sleeping bag industry is the Lamilite insulation. Lamilite is a very lofty form of insulation, and retains its loft even when wet, unlike down feathers which clump together when wet. Lamilite is also very soft. Wiggy’s bags surround your body, filling in or draping close to the body, keeping you snuggly warm.

Lamilite insulation is made from silicone coated, continuous filament fibers. Continuous filament fibers means the fill will never clump up when you wash the bag. But it is the silicone coating of the fibers that makes the magic happen.

Water simply DOES NOT attach itself to the fiber. Your body gives off ¼ to ½ cup of water per hour while you sleep. Lamilite allows the moisture leaving your body to pass through the spaces between the fibers to the outside of the bag so you stay drier and therefore warmer.

There is no better bag than a Wiggys bag if you are sleeping anywhere where there is a lot of moisture.
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1 - 13 of 13 items